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From bump to baby: documenting the journey of parenthood


This is something that feels very personal and close to my heart, because it’s something that I love capturing, and for a girl who I absolutely adore. I’m so excited to share these photos of this couple pregnant with their first baby! I am always honored to be among the first people who find out when couples are pregnant. I always keep the secret and don't post the photos until they have announced to their friends and families about their big news. I can’t wait to see them become parents! This little one is incredibly blessed to have such kind humans as parents.

For my future clients on the fence about whether to book a baby announcement shoot or not I have come up with some things for you to think about:

  1. It's time to celebrate the moment! Capture & celebrate the joyous news of a new addition to the family in a professional and memorable way.

  2. Create lasting moments: A professional photographer can freeze this special moment in time that will be cherished for a lifetime

  3. Have a stress free experience. Heck, it'll even be fun! I want you to focus on the moment without having the stress of trying to capture it yourself!

  4. Unique Perspectives: Photographers bring a unique eye to the shoot, exploring different angles, compositions, and lighting techniques to create visually stunning & distinct images.

  5. Timeless Heirlooms: The images captured during the baby announcement shoot becomes timeless that tell the story of a new chapter in the family's history.

If you want to book a beautiful baby announcement session, click the button below to reach out!

You just became pregnant and don't know where to go for anything. No worries, I have come up with a list I think can help!


Events/Party Balloons -

Cakes & Sweets -

Baby Essentials-

Awesome mom influencers -

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