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Los Angeles Bachelorette Party

LA Bachelorette Inspiration

There are so many fun places you can have your bachelorette party! I wanted to specifically highlight Los Angeles, California! The girls went to Hollywood and Santa Barbara Pier. If you are looking for photo options there are so many everywhere you turn!

The first location with the lights is called Public Art "Urban Light"

This is such a fun unique spot where you can wear almost anything and coordinate outfits for your instagram photos with your party! This can be a very busy spot at certain times of the day so if you can go on a weekday or in the morning you might have the whole place to yourself!

The second location is Venice.

Venice Beach is a fun location right on the beach with areas of grass, skate parks, basketball courts, etc. It is typically always busy, however, the mornings are a bit more quiet. I highly recommend stopping and taking a pic in front of the Venice Beach Sign and stopping by Egg Slut. It is less than a small block away from the sign. There are multiple cute coffee shops and fun thrift shops on the same street.

The third location is the Beverly Hills Hotel.

This can be tricky as they do not like people who aren’t staying at the hotel to take pictures. We were allowed to take some outside and they turned out so beautiful! This would be such a fun shot with your besties in robes and your hair up in towels. Across the street is a beautiful park where you can visit and take beautiful photos, workout, or take in the sunshine!

The final location is the Santa Monica Pier.

I can't wait to go back to Santa Monica this summer! It is such a wonderful, warm destination. There are many places to eat, things, to do and experiences throughout the area. The Pier has some rides and roller coasters as well as food and shops. If that is not your jam you can hangout on the beach or under the pier and swim!

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