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Maternity Session Tips

This year's maternity sessions have felt extra special. I have had brides and past clients come back to me, glowing, asking me to take their maternity photos. I love these shoots for so many reasons. I love seeing the happiness of the couples. Each couple has their own unique fertility journey they have gone through, which can make the shoot even more special to the couple. Some have waited for a long time for this. I try to make sure each session is unique and some couples have exciting ideas for announcement photos that are so fun too!

I have some tips for first timers!

1. Choose an outfit that is comfortable and makes you feel confident!

It is nothing new in this blog that I want everyone to be confident and feel their best but seriously, find what makes your heart happy!

2. Bring snacks and water.

This is so important and I still have people who forget. I cannot stress this enough, sometimes we are in locations that are so out of the way of food and water and sometimes bathrooms. I typically always have extras just in case.

3. Check out these websites for maternity dresses!

Check out this link for maternity dresses I highly recommend!

I am so grateful for each and every one of you who choose me to keep your exciting secrets and love bringing your vision to life and celebrating you!

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