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Oregon Coast Proposal

If you’re looking for an easy to get to AND beautiful place to propose in Oregon, look no further. I highly recommend the Oregon Coast and this is why! Jake started messaging me months before about his ideas and wanting to propose to his girlfriend. They'd be coming all the way from Georgia. I gave him a few different location options and he fell in love with this one. We had to work with the tide schedule as you can only get to this spot when the tide is out. Everything went perfect as planned (except the huge sneaker wave that smacked right into me as he was getting down on one knee). Yes, I kept shooting and Carly saved the day by getting all of the equipment before it was submerged. Speaking of....working alongside me that day was Carly Films It and it was so much fun. She made the sweetest video (you can watch it below) capturing their proposal. As for the weather, all the stars were aligned that day. We absolutely loved capturing the sun rays peeking over and through the trees. The Oregon Coast has such a beautiful calming aura, I could have stayed for hours.

After getting engaged you can go out to dinner at Cannon beach at some of these restaurants:

You can end your night in one of these beautiful and cozy hotels right on the beach:

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