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Portland Oregon Elopement

How to get your Elopement Photos in Downtown Portland, Oregon.

I could not wait to share this special elopement. This couple got married during 2020 and never got to have their photos taken that day because of the state of COVID-19. I was honored when they asked me to take their elopement photos. We got so lucky to have such beautiful weather on the day of our shoot. The streets were freshly cleaned and open. I cannot recommend shooting in Portland enough! There are so many beautiful spots you can visit and take photos that are so diverse!

The couple decided they wanted to keep it candid and stay downtown and walk around, so that's exactly what we did! We had so much fun while they talked about how they met and their story. I will always love candid moments instead of uncomfortable poses.

If you are looking to take elopement photos in Portland Oregon, you will want to consider these things:

  • Bringing extra changes of clothing and having a plan B or even C.

Portland can be very unpredictable. The weather can be sunny and 75 and switch to a downpour in a minute! It can also be hard to predict if you are going to be able to take photos exactly where you planned. More often than not, you will probably get kicked out of the parking garages in Portland if taking any photos and there can be people sleeping in front of where you want to shoot on the sidewalk.

  • Parking and Traffic

I always suggest giving yourself an extra 30 minutes on top of the commute because there is typically traffic that pops up. If you cannot find parallel parking there should be parking garages near where you are headed! We have an app called “Parking Kitty.” You can look around from where you are parked and the street sign will give you a code and you can pay from your car. You can also extend your parking time if needed right from your phone. Please be safe and hide any valuables in your trunk. Don’t leave anything of value where anyone can see from the outside of the car.

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