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Senior Photos: Boys edition

When it comes to boys getting their senior photos taken, it is completely different from girls. Most of the time they are a bit uncomfortable with being in front of the camera and hope that the shoot is fast and painless.

I do the best I can to cater to each and every client to make them comfortable during their shoot. Sometimes it just takes some time to build trust between the client and photographer. If you have a son or boy in the family getting ready to get their senior photos taken, I highly recommend using some of these tips!

Choosing familiar locations.

A location can be a symbol of many things, whether it is where you went to school, played sports, or a place where you made a sentimental memory. Some of my clients are pretty shy and don’t always feel comfortable having their photos taken in public. I always suggest choosing somewhere that may be more secluded or quiet. An alternative to this can be going to popular spots during an off peak time. Mornings are usually the best time to go to popular spots. A great time to take photos at a school is in the mornings, on the weekends and taking sports photos after or before the sports season. I love seeing clients' unique cars or trucks brought for the shoots.

Choosing the clothing.

I always recommend wearing something before any type of shoot if possible! It can make a big difference in the shoot if my clients are comfortable and feel confident in themselves. I love seeing my boys seniors in some form of their sports uniform. It can help that they are familiar and proud of their jerseys.

Choosing who tags along.

Sometimes this can be a make or break for some seniors. I would say if it is not just the senior and parent that comes along, I would recommend bringing a girlfriend or close friend which helps make the client comfortable. We want the seniors to be themselves and have a good time. I also recommended bringing pets! They bring such a fun and calming dynamic!

As the parent it can help the shoot be smooth if there is prepping beforehand. A great thing to communicate to the photographer is if you have specific screenshots of poses or locations you would love to have captured!

Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare you and your senior for the shoot! When in doubt, communication is always key. Please always reach out with any questions!

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