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What to remember to add to your wedding day!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

What to incorporate on a wedding day?

I could not tell you how excited I was when Debera reached out, inquiring about her wedding day. I have been taking photos of her since she was in highschool. There were so many parts about her big day that made it so special but there are just a couple I wanted to bring up today. These are special moments you can create and incorporate on your big day that will easily fit into your timeline. Before adding all of this, I highly recommend talking to your photographer first and so she can give you the best times to incorporate these into your big day!

1. Doing a first look with a parent or someone special to you.

When I heard she wanted to do a first look with her dad, I was so excited. The moment was so special and was such a beautiful moment, among many, that I got to capture on her big day. Now she has these to look back on forever, and I am truly so happy for her!

2. Setting time aside for couple portraits.

I would say this is a BIG priority for my couples and I. I am a firm believer that your wedding day is for you and your significant other, and you’re the reason everyone is celebrating, so it should be about YOU! These will be the photos you have forever, the photos you will show your family one day, so lets make some magic!

3. Details.

I am going to have a more detailed blog about this soon, but for now, there are small things that can make a big impact on your photos. I have some things for layflats that I bring to elevate from the typical detail photos. Amazon and Etsy have awesome options for rings boxes, ribbon, pins, perfumes, shells, lace, and jewelry even! Keep an eye out for a more detailed post diving into some game changing DIY’s.

Thank you for reading through this, I hope it helps you and gives some relief in the craziness of wedding planning!

If you're ready to reach out, send over a contact form! I would love to chat to get to know you and hear about your big day plans!

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