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2023 Wedding Trends

Check out these 23 wedding trends for 2023! I am so excited to see the new ideas my couples come up with this year. I can go on and on with all the fun details you can incorporate into your big day. Ultimately, you just have to remember to do what makes YOU happy and makes your day feel the most like your love story! YOU are the reason for the big celebration!

Cheers to 2023!

  1. Embroidered veils or gloves

  2. Hand written notes to each guest

  3. Imperfect stationary

  4. Color in designs

  5. Reusing florals from ceremony to reception

  6. Flash photography

  7. Film photography

  8. Fruit as table accents

  9. Fringe

  10. Bows

  11. Imperfect table scape

  12. Disposable cameras

  13. Satin Bridesmaids dresses

  14. Calligraphy Boquet ribbons

  15. Pastels

  16. 2nd Dress for reception

  17. Small bouquets

  18. Colorful dresses

  19. Late night snacks

  20. Gatsby Vibes

  21. Detatchable sleeves

  22. Midday ceremony

  23. All black attire for guests, bridal party, and groomsmen

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