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Tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

I have compiled some tips from my past brides and bridal shops to bring you the best experience! Please remember this is YOUR day and you can pick whatever makes you happiest!

Set a budget before you go into the bridal store and don’t try on any dresses way outside your wedding budget because ultimately you could fall in love with it!

Start around 10 months prior to give yourself enough time for alterations, but not too much to change your mind before the big day. Sometimes if you do it to early you could find start comparing the dress you got with others and get overwhelmed!

Keep an open mind and ask the consultants what they think and what suggestions they would have for you based on your body type and wants/needs. You should walk around in the wedding dress and make sure you can sit down comfortably!

Don’t take too many people, only take one to three people. This keeps it to where there’s not too many overwhelming opinions, and it’s only the people who truly want the best for you and want to be there to support you. You’ll find this makes it much less of a chaotic process.

If you can try on one dress of each silhouette type, you should. You may not know going in what looks best on you and find you like a style you never thought you would like so much. You could like it better than what your intentions were going in.

When picking a dress, think about what your insecurities may be, and try to embrace and work with them. A big suggestion I have as a photographer is, if you are self conscious of your arms, maybe opt for a beautiful sleeve, so you can feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day! I have had a few brides who opted for the sleeve look and absolutely loved it, and mentioned many times that they would recommend it to others too!

Always do what is best for you and what makes you the happiest! If you want to chat click the button below!

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