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Tips on having dogs at events

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

I am a huge pet person and love my fur baby. Whether you are proposing, having a wedding, or doing any shoot, I love incorporating animals! They bring such a fun aspect into each shoot with their unique personalities. I have had shoots with dogs, horses, goats, donkeys, llamas, alpacas and cows (OH MY!)

Most of the time the couples, graduates, families and kids favorite photos from the shoots are the ones including their pet. I wish our fur babies could live forever but it is nice to have the special photos and memories to look back on!

I have some tips on how to include them at your events!

1. Make sure your animals are comfortable with the location.

This is the most important step, in my opinion. If the location of your shoot is somewhere that your animal is not familiar with, it makes things a little more difficult. Your pet may be more distracted and not want to stay still for photos or listen. I always want to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone!

2. Bring someone along to help take care of the pets.

Bringing someone isn’t a crucial step but it sure can help a ton!l The exception to this is weddings, you have to have someone watching over them. Having someone to take care of your animals makes it a lot more convenient for everyone. When you need shots without the animal, the extra set of hands can help so much!

3. Bring treats.

Treats are awesome for bribing! Most of the shots where the animal is paying attention is because of treats or talking to them. This can help with getting them posed and where they need to be as well. Once we are done with the shoot they always get treats for being good as well!

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